Our Team

Kseniya Barkova Headshot
Kseniya Barkova
Vice President
Alec Barnes
Vice President
Joseph A. Domonkos Headshot
Joe Domonkos
Managing Director & Chief Financial Officer
Lawrence A. First Headshot
Lawrence First
Chief Investment Officer & Managing Director
Michael Fisch Headshot
Michael Fisch
Investment Committee Member
Kamil Gazizullin Headshot
Kamil Gazizullin
Amy S. Harsch Headshot
Amy Harsch
Managing Director, Investor Relationships
David Horing Headshot
David Horing
Investment Committee Member
Derek Jeong Headshot
Derek Jeong
Vice President
Josiah Kwok Headshot
Josiah Kwok
Vice President
Elizabeth Lawrence Headshot
Elizabeth Lawrence
Vice President, Investor Relationships
Jeremy Maco Headshot
Jeremy Maco
Chief Compliance Officer
Umesh Mahajan
Managing Director
David Maue Headshot
David Maue
Managing Director & Chief Administrative Officer
Josh Parrish
Managing Director
Michael Saskin
Eric L. Schondorf Headshot
Eric Schondorf
Managing Director & General Counsel
Ross Solomon Headshot
Ross Solomon
Kabir Teja Headshot
Kabir Teja

Our long-term capital and flexible mandate enable us to act as a true partner to management teams and other investors seeking non-traditional capital solutions to complex strategic and operational objectives.

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